RoSPA Gold award, why it matters so much to us - Storengy

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for more than 100 years has been working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes to accidents. As a business, we have a duty of care to everyone working on the Stublach Site, but we strongly believe we should go beyond this duty of care. Storengy’s culture is very focused on delivering exemplary health and safety performance and this culture is part of our business DNA.

Some years ago, whilst in the early stages of construction, we decided to take on a new challenge and apply for a RoSPA health and safety achievement award. At the time, our HSE performance was already good but taking the RoSPA challenge has helped us continue to improve. This was for us the beginning of a series of RoSPA achievement awards leading to the Gold Medal Award in 2017 for 5 years of continuous improvement. In 2018, we have again received a RoSPA gold award but our goal now is to receive the President’s Award for 10 years of consecutive gold award.

In Health and Safety, we love statistics, we love them because they reflect real people’s lives and the positive impact our safety performance is having on our business. In April we are celebrating 1,000,000 man-hours since our last LTI (lost time incident) in July 2014. As staff, contractors, customers, neighbours and stakeholders you expect us to provide a safe place to work, a clean environment and a reliable service. All these aspects are interlinked and the RoSPA Gold award recognises the safety management excellence we are delivering but it also reflects our wider commitment to do the right thing.

We had a timely reminder of the importance of gas storage when the Beast from the East visited the UK in February. Through the dedication of our teams, our robust processes and of the capability of our facility we were able to deliver large quantities of gas into network to help the UK avoid running out of gas. Storengy is proud to offer storage services that significantly contributed to the resilience of the UK energy market.

Looking forward to the official ceremony, June 19th.

Lois Kay