The fundamental objective of the District is to create an environment that delivers growth and inward investment. Providing cheaper energy is an element of delivering that growth but providing well connected and supported development land is also key to securing growth and investment.

What can the Energy Innovation District Offer?

Over 480 hectares (1,200 acres) of development land suitable for a range of energy related industry and the associated supply chain – 59 hectares of this is currently allocated within the existing Cheshire Science Corridor Enterprise Zone.

Key development site include Protos, land at Stanlow / Thornton Science Park, Ellesmere Port and Storengy UK Underground Gas Storage facilities. 

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Key Activity:

Storengy UK Underground gas storage site

Underground Gas Storage (UGS) is a way of providing flexibility, balancing supply and demand and thus reducing price risk and optimising energy infrastructure costs, to the benefit of end users. UGS have been operating worldwide for over 90 years. In the UK, there are only seven operational UGS facilities; among them three are in Cheshire.

Storengy UK is operating the Stublach facility in Cheshire, a state of the art flexible asset, one of the most modern storages in Europe. Storengy UK has already spent £350 million and is committed to spend a further £150 million from 2017 to 2019 to double the size of its facility to develop the largest onshore gas storage facility in the UK.


With a growing share of UK electricity coming from intermittent renewable production, energy storage will become increasingly important. The salt deposits in Cheshire are ideally suited for the development of large-scale energy storage in the form of hydrogen or compressed air. The expertise required to deliver this is similar to that employed for natural gas storage. 

An energy storage cluster could emerge in the Cheshire salt plain in the vicinity of the existing natural gas salt caverns, generating additional investments between £300 – £500m.


The concept of Protos is to bring together education and innovation to create a strategic industrial hub at the heart of the North West. At the core of Protos is the 54 hectare (134 acre) development site, which has outline and detailed planning consent for industrial uses including an Energy from Waste facility, a biomass facility and environmental technologies including resource recovery. This also encompasses B1, B2 and B8 uses. The site also incorporates Frodsham Windfarm delivering up to 57MW of low carbon energy. 

£170m has been invested in the development of energy generation assets, with a further £350m planned over the next three years. The overall masterplan would see an investment opportunity of over £1.5bn.



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