The Energy Innovation District is set in the industrial heartland of the North West – located between the cities of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester.

It comprises an existing cluster of energy related industry, including large scale energy assets, energy intensive industries, the associated supply chain and a centre for Research and Development.

Cheshire Energy innovation District

An Energy Innovation District has a number of key components to make it function successfully: 

Energy Innovation Research UK

The Energy Innovation District provides the overarching environment which – as a result of lower energy costs – delivers a strategy to drive innovation, supports industry to succeed and encourages growth and investment. 

The concept encapsulates seven elements: 

Partnership Networks
Integrating existing and complimentary partnerships to maximise the benefits to all parties. Both public and private sector institutions working both in the geographic region but also across the UK. 

Recognising that the key to growth is for industries to continue to develop and strive to be world leaders. Innovation is key to a vibrant and successful economy. 

Through an already productive and highly skilled platform, existing industry provides the basis of future growth in key sectors. 

Having a network of infrastructure which is fit for purpose in both capacity and capability for transport, utilities, and digital is key to facilitating success. 

Business Support Initiatives
Removing the barriers to entry which face SME’s in particular, to allow them to perform effectively and grow/scale up. 

Enabling Initiatives
Proactive collaboration between the public and private sector to further understand the opportunities for innovation and growth across the District through focussed projects and research. 

From a platform of an already highly skilled and productive workforce, the Energy Innovation District will shape the skills and qualifications needed generating a future pipeline of skilled labour from within the UK. Ensuring that industry and academia work symbiotically to provide a skilled workforce to enhance the emerging industry and keep the UK at the forefront of the global market. 

Within the existing cluster, and proposed Energy Innovation District, we can demonstrate significant progress in these key elements, providing a strong baseline position from which the blueprint for a successful model for the UK is developed. 

 The Cheshire Science Corridor Enterprise Zone already extends to part of the Energy Innovation District. It stretches across the Cheshire and Warrington sub-region incorporating three local authority areas. It recognises and capitalises on the fact that the area already incorporates some of the most significant national and international science based businesses and research establishments. Awarded Enterprise Zone status in 2016, it brings together some of the best opportunities for new development and attraction of new businesses within the corridor.

Covering over 100 hectares, it has the potential to attract in the order of 20,000 jobs and 500 businesses to Cheshire and Warrington through a significantly enhanced profile; attractive business incentives and the ability to retain and reinvest new businesses rate revenue.